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Experimental and Sustainable Music Festival

The sixth edition of Terraforma investigates the sphere of Language.

Revealing its own Alphabet through the work of Nathalie Du Pasquier, Terraforma will explore Language under different aspects during the festival taking place from July 5th to 7th 2019.

The terraforming process, focusing since the beginning on electronic music as a form of art mainly defined by the absence of text, will be presented with a different approach. Language will manifest itself through specific and commissioned performances, an in-depth program of talks and via new media that will be introduced at the festival. According to the aesthetic that has shaped Terraforma over the years, Language will be considered as a medium and as an element. Words, images, vocalisms and coding will create a direct and ever-evolving conversation with the community that rejoins at Villa Arconati since 2014.

Since 2014, a different artist has been involved for the visual identity of Terraforma. Following our collaboration with Ignazio Mortellaro, Luca Trevisani, Francesco Cavaliere and Emanuele Marcuccio in our past editions, this year’s choice is Nathalie Du Pasquier. Based in Milan since 1979, Nathalie has worked as a designer and was a founder member of Memphis. She designed numerous "decorated surfaces": textiles, carpets, plastic laminates, and some furniture and objects. In 1987, painting became her main activity.

The artwork of Terraforma 2019 is the result of a collaboration between Nathalie Du Pasquier and Daniel Sansavini.


Produced and conceived by Threes

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Dal 05/07/19 al 07/07/19



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