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Roxy Lavish and the Suicide Cult

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In 2013, after a string of solo EPs, multi-instrumentalist Roxy Lavish assembled the Suicide Cult – a constantly evolving big band featuring some of Australia’s finest musicians. Fusing the storytelling of Bob Dylan and Neil Young with the
folk-psych of The Brian Jonestown Massacre, the band brought their raucous live show to stages across Melbourne. 
In 2014, RLATSC released their debut album, the harp-driven, blues excursion Join Us Or Die Alone. Two years on, the band unleashed its darkest and most urgent statement yet, the aptly-titled Black Storm Brewing.
Recorded at Melbourne’s legendary Head Gap Studios, Black Storm Brewing is a hellfire blast of bluesy rock ‘n’ roll, fuelled by wailing guitars, swirling organs, screeching trumpets, and beats destined to get hips shaking. Roxy Lavish fronts
the microphone like a man with his heart and soul on fire, painting a scathing portrait of personal heartbreak and wider social breakdown, further enhancing his reputation as a gutter-poet of considerable uncompromising and talent.
In 2018, Roxy Lavish and the Suicide Cult embark on their first European tour.

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