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Last March first '77 album hit the spanish stores. The title says it all, although they show an unconditional love toward the rock, we say, timeless, the rock that already many years ago AC/DC patented as a registered brand. Many bands tried to approach that sound, many singers tried to imitate the great Bon Scott… '77 obtain the unimaginable thing, in their first work they achieve that its ten compositions hook you, they recall you to the Australian giant but you think…who the hell are they? How have they obtained that sound? The answer is the same one for all the bands that want to go far away and to make music its form of expression and its valve of escape: hours and hours of rehearsal, hours & more hours on the highway, hours and lots of sweat in any type of stage that have received them. And like their big idols, we have a pair of brothers at the front of the band and, curiously, both are the responsible for the lead (a Gibson SG, of course) & the rhythm guitar. LG and Armand create '77 in the middle of 2005 but their live debut did not happen until February '06 at The Rulot Club in Barcelona. It is clear that the project carries their mark, although of course they need a powerful & accurate rhythm section, stabilized from midd 2007 by J.T Dolphin & Raw. A band from Barcelona whose style doesn't know any border. '77 had it very clear, so, in little more than a year they already recorded a demo that put them in the English traveling festival "Hotter Than hell", that guaranteed them to play in British land (Cheltenham and London) almost before than in Spanish one…, Madrid & Barcelona were the national stops of that festival that provided them their first minutes, their first spaces in the specialized press. At the end of 2007 they record a new demo, which is more than that as it means their first launch, although is only sold in their increasingly more numerous concerts, all the specialized magazines of first line (This is Rock, Rockzone, Rock Hard, Popular 1, Kerrang!, Heavy Rock) echoed of their wild actions & the good manners that they aim in studio. Five songs to clarify to everyone where they wanted to get to. They record their first LP after a short 1st national tour due to the good reputation obtained with the well-known presentation EP. Among all the shows their 3rd gig in Madrid, after being the opening band for Junkyard in Barcelona. In March 2009 "21st Century Rock" is released, a rock album with capital letters that has already been considered in some spanish media as one of the national records of the year without any doubt, an album that will directly like to everyone who had ever enjoyed any AC/DC song, a good rock'n'roll mixed with boogie, with winks to the seventies, to the classical hard rock that, as it's usually affirmed, it's just timeless because “classic is everything that can't be improved”.

'77 è presentato in Italia da ROCKY ROCKETZ MANAGEMENT

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